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The Story of the Mindful Mouse was inspired by my 7 year old nephew Cormac McCaughey.  Samples from the exercises included in my 'Mindfulness for Children' Sessions, which start in Chesham from Macrh 2020, are included and will be updated daily during Children's Mental Health Week 2020. 

Thank you for all your help Cormac.

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Picture by Cormac age 7

One bright evening a little mouse called Marvin went for a walk all alone.  He was feeling worried and a bit afraid.  The next day he would be starting a new school and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  He had a lot of thoughts racing around in his head...


What was his teacher going to be like?


Would he make friends?


Would the other children like him or would they make fun of him?


What if the work was too hard for him?


What if he got lost in amongst so many people?


What if no one came to pick him up from school when it was over?


As all these worries swirled around in his head Marvin was getting more and more scared.  He wasn’t really thinking about where he was walking to and when he looked up he realised he had no idea where he was.  He was lost.   Now he was really scared!  How would he ever find his way home and how would he get to school tomorrow if he couldn’t get back there?


With tears in his eyes Marvin turned around and began to run in a panic, not really looking where he was going he ran straight into a tree stump and fell flat on his back.  Looking up he saw an old mouse crouched next to him. 


“Hello little mouse, my name is Sam” the old mouse said, “Why are you so scared?”


Taking a deep breath Marvin said “Hello Sam, I am Marvin and right now I am lost.  I came for a walk because I am very worried about starting school tomorrow but my worries took over my mind so much I lost track of where I was and now I don’t know how to get home.  Now I have even more to be worried about”


Ahhh” said Sam.  “Yes, that can happen.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up worrying about things that might not even happen we lose track of the here and now...we are no longer in the present.  And do you know why it’s called the ‘present’ Marvin?  Because every single moment of our lives is a gift to be enjoyed but first we need to learn how to slow down our minds and bodies so we can really appreciate those gifts.  Do you think that is something you’d like to learn how to do?”


Feeling calmer already, just from being distracted from his thoughts, Marvin nodded his head; “Yes that sounds like a good idea” he told Sam.  With that, Sam scurried over to his hole in the tree stump and came back carrying a brightly coloured box.  He sat the box down in front of Marvin and said...


“Inside this box is the gift of Mindfulness, Marvin.  Whenever you start to feel any emotions that make you feel uncomfortable all you have to do is reach inside and you will find something that will help you feel better.”


“Wow” said Marvin “Thank you so much Sam, this will really help me with starting school tomorrow”.


“That’s great to know” replied Sam, "But remember you can use it any time at all, not just for school and you can even share the gift with your friends.  For now, if you just keep walking in the direction you are going I am sure you will find your way home in no time”.


“Thanks Sam” said Marvin, as he bent to pick up his gift.  When he looked back up to say goodbye Sam had disappeared.  “How curious!” Marvin thought as he headed in the direction Sam had told him to, making his way home feeling calmer and more peaceful than he had all day.

 © Maz & Cormac 2020

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